Roof Repairs

When it’s time for a roof repair, we are here for you!

Until there are visible signs of a problem, most homeowners don’t really think about their roofs condition.  A regular maintenance program can help prevent most major repairs.

Storm damage happens in the Northwest and when it does it is unexpected. When you find roofing shingles are missing from your roof or a tree limb has come through your ceiling or skylight, A2Z roofing can help protect your home.

What you can expect

We will schedule a time to inspect your roof structure and assess its overall condition.  Depending on the repairs needed, you may or may not need to be present.  Most all repairs can be done at the time of inspection.  If repairs are significant, we will order materials and schedule a repair time as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to your home.

General Repairs

  • Leak repairs on composition, shake roofs and flat roofing systems
  • Shingle replacement on composition and cedar shake roofs.
  • Skylight repairs & replacement.
  • Storm damage repairs – shingle & skylight replacement and roof punctures.
  • Installation of roof ventilation.
  • Additions to your home.  We can seamlessly join old and new roofing sections together.


Applying a moss treatment and cleaning gutters is a relatively quick job and does not require the homeowner to be present.  Our crew will be in and out quickly and leave no mess behind.

If you need roofing services, Contact us to assess your needs and we will make the necessary repairs!