New Roof Installation

Is it time for a new roof?

A new roof will protect your investment, it will add curb appeal and increase the value of your home.  There’s a lot to consider when choosing a roofing product.  A2Z Roofing can provide guidance and assist you with selecting a roofing product that is in line with your budget.  Below are some roofing installations to consider:

  • Composite Roofs
  • Torch Down and PVC Roofing systems
  • Shake Roofs
  • Tile Roofs
  • Metal Roofs

If you don’t see your roof type listed here, feel free to Contact us and we can discuss your options!

Composite Roofs

Composite shingles are sometimes referred to as a composition roof.  It is a hybrid-type of shingle made from materials such as fiberglass, asphalt, and recycled products. Composition shingles come in many styles and textures that achieve the high-end roof appearance without the added expense. For a more environmentally friendly option, there are “green” options manufactured from recycled materials.

Composite shingles offer durability and this means your composition roof will hold up well over time and you’ll enjoy less maintenance.  Composite materials are lighter and reduce the load on your home. They are fire resistant, plus, they hold up well to the Pacific Northwest elements. They’re also less likely to warp, crack, peel or split than other roofing materials. If something happens to one of your shingles, you can replace it individually, so repairs are easier.

Clients frequently ask, how long will a composition roof last? With proper installation and care, composite shingles have manufacture warranties from 30 to 50 years.  If you’re considering a composite roof, compare the different options and the warranties to invest in a roof that will last.

Torch Down Roofs

The application is most commonly used on flat or slightly pitched roofs. Its name “torch on” or “torch down” originates from the application process and is also known as a modified bitumen roof. The main strength of this roofing product is that it can expand and contract without melting or cracking. It tolerates both the heat and the cold during the change of seasons.

A modified bitumen roof is a rolled roofing product that consists of a tough membrane that is embedded in a thick layer of asphalt. Multiple layers of modified membrane are rolled out on the roof and a professional uses a hand held propane torch to heat and adhere it to the roof surface and then melts the seams together to create a waterproof seal. There are two-layer and three-layer torch down roofing systems.

Cedar Shake Roofs

For decades cedar shakes have been used in the greater Pacific Northwest. Cedar has been a popular choice adding an aesthetic value, but more expensive and requires more maintenance than other roofing materials. Depending on your location, moss growth and the potential for pests is something to consider.

PVC Roofs

PVC is a plastic that is known for its durability and affordable prices. It is no surprise that PVC is one of the most frequently used plastics and also used for roofing systems.

PVC roofs are made of 2 PVC layers with polyester in between them. These layers include various additive to make roof more flexible and UVC stable.  Roofing sheets are connected through the process of welding. This process results in a roof that is waterproof, fireproof and lasting for a long time after the installation

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs give a unique and identifiable look to your home. Tile roofs are more expensive to install than other roofing materials.  However, tile lasts much longer, 50-70 years or even more.

Besides the aesthetic appeal and long life expectancy, tile roofs have other benefits. They perform better under harsh conditions, they are fireproof and resist damages caused by earthquakes, hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.  Both clay and concrete tiles will add curb appeal and increase your property value. 

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have become very popular in the Pacific Northwest and they provide superior performance, lasting at least twice as long as traditional roofs. Metal roofs have a higher upfront cost, but last longer and has lower maintenance costs.

Custom Roofs

If you are unsure what type of roof would fit your needs, or if you are interested in custom solutions, please give us a call.  We would be happy to provide more details on various types of roofs and find the solution that will fit your needs.